Final Bid Lite is already on sale, you can get a board game that will change the whole concept of table games. Show your knowledge in many fields, with incredible questions and above all, bet on your knowledge, and is that in this game against more risks and bets, more you can win.

Final Bid Lite is designed to have a good time of fun with family and friends. FinalBidLite is a table game that the winner only has to show that he knows more than the rest of his opponents.

Each currency has a value and the questions can be from all possible areas.

Now you just have to try this game that will seek to change the concept of board games.

Final Bid Lite is now on sale!


You can take advantage of the offers of exit, and is that you can buy different pack of Final Bid Lite and save you a money. Final Bid Lite goes on sale for only € 49